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Scaling Shiny app is quite tricky primarily because of the nature of single-threaded R. There are several options that we know of:

  • Shinyproxy; spawning/terminating app container for each user, can be run on Docker and Kubernetes mode. As our app is quite big and took quite some time to initialize, this is not our first option.
  • Shiny Server Pro; run multiple processes. I don’t know how they achieve this, perhaps some sort of the following approach. Too expensive.
  • Instead of spawning for each new user, why not create several pre-warmed app containers, load-balanced users, and scale it if there are…

One of main selling point of Flutter is its ability to write once and deploy to multiple platforms. This is invaluable for certain businesses to be able to switch app from convenience of eg. writing using full-size keyboard on desktop to mobility and practicality of mobile device, all using (hopefully) the exact same set of features *and* interfaces without sacrificing much. This is certainly the case for our business where work times are divided almost equally between office and the field.

Flutter Desktop along with Flutter Web is not yet available in stable channel, though its technical preview is available…


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